Another Anna Mae single produced by Paige Blue

Anna Mae released another single produced by Paige Blue called “Honey, I Need You”. Anna Mae reflects on the song in an entry on her website saying that Paige is:

“a rockstar producer and took my dreams for this song and made it happen in an even better way than I first imagined. I wrote this song on my own and so the song itself felt like my baby (aka I didn’t want the song to get ‘messed up’ in production.) But I knew I could trust Paige to hear what I was hearing in my head and she did.”

Purchase: here

Listen: here

31 songs in 31 days: Paige Blue’s January project

I had the privilege of interviewing with the Argus Leader’s Jill Callison about my 31 day song writing project which took place during the month of January. Each day for 31 days straight I wrote a new song. I performed the songs on video and shared them…