All tracks produced and written by Paige Blue.

Another Anna Mae single produced by Paige Blue

Anna Mae released another single produced by Paige Blue called “Honey, I Need You”. Anna Mae reflects on the song in an entry on her website saying that Paige is:

“a rockstar producer and took my dreams for this song and made it happen in an even better way than I first imagined. I wrote this song on my own and so the song itself felt like my baby (aka I didn’t want the song to get ‘messed up’ in production.) But I knew I could trust Paige to hear what I was hearing in my head and she did.”

Purchase: here

Listen: here

“Over My Heels” music video

Anna Mae released a music video today for her single “Over My Heels” which Paige Blue co-wrote and produced. You can purchase the song on iTunes here.

Anna Mae’s new single “Over My Heels” co-written and produced by Paige Blue


Nashville-based indie artist Anna Mae just released a new single titled “Over My Heels” which I am SO EXCITED to have been a part of. You can download the song here on iTunes.

“Over My Heels” was the first of many songs we have written together. What I started producing as just a demo turned into something so much more. You can read her blog here for some more fun facts about the song! We are already starting production on her next single. Many more good things to come from this camp…